Friday, July 20, 2012

Organized Storage for the Home

I don't like "things" to be visible or disorganized. My last place had a huge closet with tons of shelves that I kept all of my towels, linens, and hygienic products in. I called it my "Walgreens" closet! However, the place I live now has a totally different layout, so I decided to get organized with some baskets.

Finding the right baskets was a total challenge. I went to many stores with my tape measure in hand. I took up many aisles spreading baskets out to see what different combos would work. After searching high and low, I finally found some perfect fits!

Spare room Storage:
Shelf One-
Two baskets for linens and towels (one for each category- linens on left, towels on right). Fun tip: rolling towels instead of folding them saves space!
Shelf Two-
Spare supplies and beauty products (light bulbs, heat pads, extra toothpaste/toothbrushes/deodorant, batteries, lotions)

Bathroom Storage:
4 mini baskets:
 one with all nail-related products
 one with all hair-related products
 one with medicines and first-aid products
 one with random other bathroom products
2 open threaded baskets (you can see one of the very top and one on the bottom hidden inside the cabinet doors):
 one holds spare toilet paper rolls
 one holds and hides unsightly hair ties/accessories/blow-dryer

Other products like spare bars of soap, mouth-wash, q-tips, etc are all stored beneath the sink.

Last Note:
This is not a storage tip, but something fun for the bathroom that I thought I'd add! This window is located inside my shower... and I felt a little funny about being able to see my neighbor's house while showering! I hope they couldn't see me since I'm short and only my head can reach the window- however, I still wanted added privacy. I found this great window sticker online made specifically for situations like this! It was an easy application- basically you cut the sticker to size,  then use water as your adhesive, then scrape out the excess water.. and then it's done! I love it! I love the privacy and also the cute design!

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