Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest Fail - Baked Strawberries

I've seen online that a lot of people have been trying things from Pinterest and failing- there's even a website devoted to that very topic! But, alas, my blog is about trying new things, whether or not they fail or succeed.

Well, I spotted Baked Strawberries on Pinterest and was intrigued. The directions say to dry out strawberries in the oven by baking them for 3 hours. I love Twizzlers and candy, and dried fruit is a good option to snack on, so I thought it'd be a good one to try!

The recipe online says to dice the strawberries and then sprinkle salt and pepper over them. I thought that was strange and considered sprinkling sugar on top of the strawberries instead. But, I decided to follow the directions and add salt and pepper.

Well... as you can see in my photo, this didn't totally work. Some strawberries had burnt through before the end of the bake time, so I had to turn off the oven early. Most of the strawberries were painfully stuck to the pan. Some strawberries were still "raw" and wet.. or wet on one half only. And then a few of the strawberries reached the desired end result. I may try this again, but this time I won't dice the strawberries as small as I did this time... I'm thinking larger pieces may help this turn out correctly?

Has anyone else tried the Baked Strawberries from Pinterest? Any personal Pinterest fails to share?

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