Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nail Stencils

I've never done DIY nail stencils before, but just tried out Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit. Whomp, whomp- this seems cool but looked pretty horrible when I tried it! I do think if you use each stencil only once, then it can give you a great look. But that wasn't what I was going for when I tried it.

The Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit was under $10 at Walgreens. When I tried this, I wanted each nail to have a stencil design.
(Some people probably only put a stencil design on the ring finger.) The kit comes with two sheets of different stencil designs. Some are lines, shapes, swirls, or flowers. However, each design is only provided once. Each stencil has a little tab on the end to help with executing the look. The kit also comes with 3 nail polishes that have thin brushes, rather than the typical brush applicator.

First, I painted my basecoat color with OPI 'Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot.'
After my nails dried, I placed a stencil on one nail. I had to press it down to stick onto my nail and it's basically like a sticker. Then, I took the white polish and painted on top of the stencil. Then, I pulled off the stencil using the tab provided. I figured pulling it off before it dried would make most sense.

After stenciling my ring fingers, I realized my stencil was falling apart. It's really thin and basically just paper so the polish started wearing away at the stencil itself. After doing two nails, I realized this stencil had seen its day. I had to move on. So, for my other fingers, I tried another stencil. Since I stuck to one stencil for the rest, each nail got messier and messier. You can tell from my pictures which nails were done first and which were done last. The last nails are so messy and horrible because the stencil really just couldn't be used at that point!
First nail: Looking fine.
Last nail: Looking horrible!
Check out the first nail in comparison to the last nail. I should say clean cut verses messy!

All in all, I did a pretty horrible job with The Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit. What I would suggest to other users trying this out is to only use each stencil one time on one nail. Here was my end result:

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