Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fire Beauty

This post isn't so much about a specific fragrance, but about a special candle instead. Throughout my teen years, I spent many summers in Florida where my family would visit a candle store called Global Candle Gallery.  I always looked forward to going there and loved browsing the selection of creative candles. The workers hand-made each design in the shop where we could watch them while they create the candles. It was always fun to ask questions and watch the artists live in action! My family has bought many of these candles over the years, and I've really loved and enjoyed them.

I just recently discovered their website and ordered a few new candles. I not only love the artwork and designs of the candles, but I love how, when lit, the candles give a totally different look and glow. The light shines through the designs of the candle with colored light, which really makes this all so special! Plus, every candle has a different color light shining through.

Here is a new one I purchased recently with pink light. This first picture captures what the light looks like when shining through the candle.

This is what the candle looks like when not lit:

And here is one with blue light:

Has anyone else discovered candles that are out of the ordinary? I'm so in love with these and wish I could buy more. Tell me about candles you have found that are different and awesome in my comments section!

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