Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Incense Burner - Blue

There are many ways to burn incense. The classic flat piece of wood with a hole, the round ash catchers, the long coffin boxes, fancy burners from specialty stores, or even inside empty bottles.  I found that a lot of my standard burners like the flat piece of wood and the ash catchers didn't really catch ash all too well. So, I decided to make my own altnerative.

Supplies for your Make-It-Yourself/Do-It-Yourself Incense Burner:
empty terracotta pot
synthetic stones

Instructions: I used an empty terracotta pot from a plant that had died. Then, I cleaned the pot of all dirt. Once it dried, I took blue paint and used a sponge to apply the blue paint all around the external sides of the pot. Let the paint dry. Next, I filled the pot with blue sand to match. On the top layer, I placed blue stones over the sand. Now, I can place my incense sticks into the sand and all of the ash will fall into the terracotta pot.

It's been working well and I don't have to deal with ash falling onto my table anymore! It's also just nicer to look at because the stones are pretty.

What does everyone think?


Lauren Michelle said...

super cute! and better than those ugly wood things that i used to buy at spencer's in 1998.

Try It With Carmella said...

Thanks! My thoughts exactly. I have so many of those wood things but they don't actually catch the ash at ALL, so something had to be done. :)

Incense Burner said...

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Try It With Carmella said...

That's great to hear! Thanks for visiting.

Incense Burner said...

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Try It With Carmella said...

thank you! let me know if you make one too!