Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gold Jeweled Nail Dress Strips by Kiss

Awesome! I tried out Kiss Nail Dress Jeweled Strips and loved them. I bought them at Walgreens for around $7. The strips were large and wide enough for my nail beds and I could trim them down to size when needed. They are really easy to apply. You basically place the strip onto your fingernail like it's a sticker. Then, it hangs off your nail about another half inch. The directions say to then push the excess down over the side of the nail and file the rest of the material off.  Rather than just filing it down as instructed, I took a scissor and cut the excess strip down close to the end of my nail. Then, I filed the last pieces of it. I also put a layer of clear nail polish over top to help secure it.  The jewels feel bumpy because they are 3D and it almost looks like I applied each little gem individually. But it's all on one sheet of sticker, so it's super easy to do.

 I've been wearing them for about 2 weeks and they are just now starting to peel off. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received. Everyone has been going nuts over these nails and I have to say it feels nice to look down and see these because they are so neat and cute.

I had previously tried Sally Hanson Nail Effects and really had no success. They didn't fit my fingernails (they were way too small and didn't have enough material.) They didn't make a clean edge either. It looked messy and terrible and I took them off immediately. I will be using Kiss Nail Strips from now on instead!  I can't wait to try more designs. (Sorry the photos are such poor quality- I didn't know I'd be using them for my nail blog!)          

Friday, March 30, 2012

Organize Home Fragrances

One common theme you will begin to see on this blog is my obsession for air fragrances. I LOVE trying new scents. It's this happy feeling I get when smelling new options and buying a few to take home and try. Every week I can't help but buy something new.

Last year, I found a local shop that sold incense and fragrance oils. I bought a bunch of new incense burners and tried out the incense triangle things for once (instead of just the sticks). I even made my own incense burner which I'll post at a later date.

I've always used incense, but oils were new to me. Wow, I loved trying them. Pepperment is especially potent and I love how strong the smell was. Now, I also shop for fragrance oils at regular stores in the mall. You can usually find them on sale and they smell so great. It's basically an addiction!

Recently, I dove into the world of fragrance wax cubes. They function the same way that fragrance oils do. You place the wax on top of a wax burner and you light a tea candle beneath it. The candle will melt the wax cubes which will give off the scent. It's soo good! I'm still learning how long to re-light the same wax cubes. But the only way to learn is to try.

As I noticed my obsessive collection was growing in size, I knew I had to find a way to organize everything. I kept looking at tiny storage drawers and containers that snap shut, but nothing seemed right. Then, I found this fabric box at Target and thought it could do the trick.

Well, I was right! I'm so glad I tried this out because now that everything is organized I feel much better about this obsession! I have separate sections for:
fragrance wax cubes
extra tea candles to have on-hand for refills
mini wax chips
fragrance oils and oil dropper
 incense sticks and incense cones

I'm in love!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

I tried baking together a weird combo that turned into a delicious dessert! I used a lemon frosting + confetti cake mix, baked in mini-sized cupcake molds.

The Best Trick in the Book

Buy yourself flowers! I decided I'm going to be doing this for myself. You'd be surprised how great it will make you feel. Why do you need a special occassion to get flowers from someone else?
So, I'm going to be stopping by grocery stores from now on to get some inexpensive visual joy. Seriously, they only cost between $6-16 and that money goes a long way to add some brightness to your day.

Look at this beautiful bundle. They are light purple.. almost a lavender. Roses. They almost look like wedding roses.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Newspaper Nails

I never heard of Newspaper Nails until I saw some on Pinterest. Newspaper Nails are a fun way to imprint text onto your nails for a different look.

All you need to do is:
paint your nails and let them dry
dip your nails into rubbing alcohol
place a piece of newspaper text over the nail and press down
peel newspaper off
let dry and then cover in clear nailpolish

I tried this method twice so far. I found it works WAY better when I used newspaper, rather than magazine text. Also, dipping my nails into a bowl of rubbing alcohol worked way better than using alcohol wipes.

Here were my attempts:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Starting Out

Are you obsessed with Pinterest too? I am! Follow my pins at
I felt inspired to start my own blog by many other females I saw on Pinterest.  I am no expert in nails, fashion, exercise, or cooking- but that's why I'm starting this blog. Just LIKE YOU, I am trying different things out in life. I plan to share some of these here.

I love to google new things that I'm trying so I can see what other females think and experience about the same thing... whether it be a new product, a way to take care of their skin, a random health problem, etc. I enjoy learning about the experience of others with the same things I'm trying!

Maybe its a new nail design I like- so, I'll try it. It may work out, it may not. But that's the beauty of it!

What types of things have you wanted to try? I'll take suggestions from any readers and then give you my own experience with trying it out. It doesn't have to be with nails- it can be in all walks of life. Let's enjoy. :)