Friday, March 30, 2012

Organize Home Fragrances

One common theme you will begin to see on this blog is my obsession for air fragrances. I LOVE trying new scents. It's this happy feeling I get when smelling new options and buying a few to take home and try. Every week I can't help but buy something new.

Last year, I found a local shop that sold incense and fragrance oils. I bought a bunch of new incense burners and tried out the incense triangle things for once (instead of just the sticks). I even made my own incense burner which I'll post at a later date.

I've always used incense, but oils were new to me. Wow, I loved trying them. Pepperment is especially potent and I love how strong the smell was. Now, I also shop for fragrance oils at regular stores in the mall. You can usually find them on sale and they smell so great. It's basically an addiction!

Recently, I dove into the world of fragrance wax cubes. They function the same way that fragrance oils do. You place the wax on top of a wax burner and you light a tea candle beneath it. The candle will melt the wax cubes which will give off the scent. It's soo good! I'm still learning how long to re-light the same wax cubes. But the only way to learn is to try.

As I noticed my obsessive collection was growing in size, I knew I had to find a way to organize everything. I kept looking at tiny storage drawers and containers that snap shut, but nothing seemed right. Then, I found this fabric box at Target and thought it could do the trick.

Well, I was right! I'm so glad I tried this out because now that everything is organized I feel much better about this obsession! I have separate sections for:
fragrance wax cubes
extra tea candles to have on-hand for refills
mini wax chips
fragrance oils and oil dropper
 incense sticks and incense cones

I'm in love!

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