Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fresh Lemon & Lemon Lavender

I love lemon scents in general because they smell so clean and potent. Lately, I've been really into anything citrus related.

Slatkin & Co. has a fragrance oil named Fresh Lemon. I found this scent to be very strong and I loved how it filled the air with a lemon fragrance. I'd describe this fragrance oil as a clean lemon scent. Clean... and well, fresh, like the name says!

I also tried the Lemon Lavender fragrance oil by Yankee Candle. By the way, they were on sale: 3 for $10. These sales are ridiculous when you have an addiction like I do, am I right?

Lavender and lemon are two of my favorite scents individually, but for some reason I wasn't expecting to love Lemon Lavender as much as I did. It was extremely fragrant and we could smell it throughout our living room and kitchen. I couldn't totally pinpoint the lavender in the scent, but it wasn't just a regular lemon like the Fresh Lemon above. The best way to describe the Lemon Lavender is to compare it to Lemon Heads candy.  The scent kept reminding me of candy and then I realized- "This is what it smells like when we eat Lemon Heads!"  I have to say, I will be lighting this scent again today and breathing in the sugary fresh scent.


Laura said...

This is such a beautiful blog and it really inspires me!:) Would you like to follow each other?

Try It With Carmella said...

Thank you Laura!! I'm glad to follow your blog- following now. :)