Monday, October 8, 2012

3 Swatches

I guess I always wind up going for minty greens... I feel like this is the third I've bought in the last couple months.. and I realize they are all starting to look the same! This one is Pastel Pop from Charolette Russe.

This orange swatch is Hazard by Sinful Colors. The photo looks quite orange, and actually one person asked me if this color was 'pumpkin' but I swear in person the color was much more coral looking. I couldn't capture the pinkish tones on camera for some reason.

And then this last swatch here was a weird moment I had... I polished my nails white and then tried a light pink tip, but it wound up barely showing.


Lauren Michelle said...

your nails are so long! jeals.

Claire said...

beautiful!!!! :)