Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Nails

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I did a Turkey nail! I was looking up ideas online for Thanksgiving nails and I have to say - wow- I love all the creativity out there. So many of the turkeys looked so great. I don't ever do free-hand but I wanted to at least try an elementary level turkey! It's fun even if it's not amazing like so many others out there! I realize now that I need to get a thin paint brush to try designs like this again in the future. I was trying to use one thin polish brush I have but had to keep dipping it in nail polish remover so each color wouldn't dye the brush... I made do with what I had, though not the correct tool at all. At least I somewhat got a black dot onto the white eye - haha I know this is pretty bad but I'm impressed with myself since I can't do freehand haha!!  I also tried to make a little pilgrim hat on my thumb... of course it got smudged because I didn't wait long enough before painting on the clear top coat. And then I figured the brownish and goldish base colors were Thanksgivingy. Leave me a comment or a link to your own Thanksgiving nails!

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