Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Swivel Nail Tattoo Sticker Nails

I loved how these came out! I used Nail Tattoo Stickers that I ordered on they are pretty easy. They come in a sheet with the designs on it and then you simply cut around the design's shape to size it to your nail. The designs are different sizes on the sheet too. I found that cutting the design small enough so there wasn't much excess clear material was best to help it fit onto the nail. Anyone else have that experience too? If I made the excess material too big, it looked messy on the nail.
I also then took some silver polish and free-handed a little silver tip on each nail. I thought this really made a final touch! Hehe, I thought this swivel nail manicure was so cool!

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Polish lover said...

Looks very cute, love this design.