Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday & Crackle Nails

I spent quite a while googling and pinning ideas for birthday nails and came across so many amazing designs. Between the birthday cakes, candles, and balloons, I was impressed. Well, needless to say, I do not do handmade painted designs- I just don't have that talent! So I needed something simple. I thought... hm ok birthday nails can mean glitter. But I'm not a glitter type of person.... so maybe something more metallic looking? I wound up doing a pretty boring birthday nail manicure, but here it is.

I used Wet'n'Wild Metallica for accent nails (thumb and ring finger) and then Sinful Colors This Is It for the rest. One day later, I was too bored with the results so I added OPI Black Shatter. I've used the Shatter before, which results in a Crackle nail look... but I've always been torn about the crackle look. Does it look cool? Or does it really just look like a chipped manicure? It's still up for debate in my mind. What is your opinion about Crackle nails?

Crackle Nails
Birthday Nails

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Katie - Missys Manis said...

Lovely nails :) and happy birthday!