Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deco Corners Nail Tattoo Stickers

While I'm not artistic enough to do free-hand designs, I still wanted to achieve the look. So, I've been exploring different nail stickers online and thought I would try some out. This week I tried Nail Tattoo Stickers by Miss Nail Cosmetics. I went with the Deco Corners design which has tiny circles of different sizes and designs all placed together.

In each pack, you receive a big strip of stickers, as you can see in my pictures. You just need to cut out the design for each nail. I found cutting the sticker to a smaller size made it easier. Once I cut the proper size for my nail, I used a tweezer to peel the sticker
off of its backing. I found that starting at one corner made it easier to pull off.

Now for the tricky part. You need to place the sticker onto your nail, but while you're holding the sticker it tends to curl up! You'll also need to ensure that you place the sticker onto the correct part of your nail. You'll also want to avoid making it crooked. I tried to place each sticker slightly lower than the end tip of each nail. This way, I could still have a small line of white tip on the edge of each nail.

Right hand
Placing the stickers onto my nails got easier as I went along. I guess practice makes perfect. Some of them bunched up and I had to peel them off and reapply. I even placed one on upside down by accident. Can you spot it on my right hand?

Once finished, I applied a clear top coat. Without the top coat, my nails looked very dull. This added sheen but was also needed to secure the stickers.

Left hand
The top coat smoothes things over a bit too. You can sort of see the square shape of the stickers on my nails in the close-up photos, but in person it's not really noticeable at all. I do have to say that the stickers started to peel a bit, despite having the top coat on. The day after I applied the stickers, my hot shower seemed to make them want to detach. After the shower, I pressed the stickers down firmly onto my nails. This seemed to help, as the peeling didn't start happening until 3-4 days later. I'm on day five now and some are chipping and peeling while some are still intact. It's a pretty decent process I guess! Not the longest lasting, but still pretty to look at.

Without top coat
With top coat

End Results of Deco Corner Nail Tattoo Stickers:

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