Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meyer Lemon

While I already was in love with lemon scents, especially for the home, my friend recommended Yankee Candle's Meyer Lemon to me. She raved on and on about how great the scent was, so I just HAD to try it. Read her blog too! She describes this scent as 'lemony deliciousness.' I have to say, I am so glad I tried Meyer Lemon because my friend was right.

I bought the little wax tarts that work the same way as wax cubes in your home fragrance burner. Yankee Candle had a sale where each tart was just $1.

This smells SO GOOD. Not a great description, right? Well, I can say that if you enjoy freshness, sugary, citrus, or sweet smells, you will love this home fragrance. It is very, very sweet! It smells more like lemon candy than an actual lemon. I've said this before with other lemon scents, but this reminds me of sweet Lemon Drops.

I wanted to keep inhaling so I could enjoy the juicy-lemon smell. I wanted to fill each room with the fragrance. Try it out and let me know if you felt the same way!

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Kelly Mulholland said...

I love the clean scent of lemon.