Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thank you, Readers!

My blog just hit 2,000 views! I know that's not a lot, especially in the nail blog world, but I'm still excited! Thank you to all of my readers for visiting! Thanks to my friends and family who visit regularly. I realize I'm also supposed to make connections within the blog world and share my links with other bloggers, but I haven't mastered that!

I always think it's interesting to see who else visits though! How do people out there in the world happen upon this blog? I thought I'd share some stats with you.

Did you know that my most popular blog post is about two lemon home fragrances?:

My first attempt at water marbling nails is the 2nd most popular post:

Blogspot also tells the blog owner what internet searches viewers typed in that led them to the blog. To me, that's the most interesting part! Can you believe that "DIY incense burner" has been the most searched term that led internet users to this blog?

I've also received most traffic from posting links on Facebook. I have received some views from Twitter and Pinterest, but those numbers are tiny compared to Facebook (so far!).

To date, most of my audience is from the USA. But I've also received many views from Russia! Other Try It With Carmella viewers have been reading from India, Canada, Germany, Greece, Romania, Singapore, and Australia.

Please continue to share my link with others. I hope to get a huge following and lots of interaction! Thanks again for visiting.  :)

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